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FOX®-9H (liquid) is a high performance 100% poly-carboxylate based polymer, specifically developed as an effective dispersant, fluidifier and high range water reducing agent for concrete and other mineral materials. 9H is a neutral concentrate grade; it is mainly used as a raw material to produce different types of high performance water reducers for targeted industrials.

Special Features:  
9H performs water-reducing effect,categorized as ASTM Type F admixture with superior benefits from the technology and the
- Very effective dispersing power, largely reduces required dosage
- Good stability, producing extended slump life
- Homogeneous plasticizing property with a unique cohesive characteristic, thus preventing segregation and bleeding
- Promotes usage of higher dosage or volume of cementitious supplementary materials such as silica fume, fly ash and blast furnace slag.
- Versatile disperser for various types of cement and minerals including gypsum,ceramic, ion-oxide pigment.
9H is mainly used as a major ingredient to produce a high performance water reducers or plasticizers for the following applications
- High performance concrete
- Self-compacting concrete
- Pumpable or flowable concrete
- Concrete containing silica fume, fly ash or Blast furnace slag
- Specially shaped concrete elements
- Architectural concrete
- Lightweight concrete
9H can also be used as-is for abovementioned applications. However, due to variations in chemical composites of cements
and other materials used and for different application requirements, it is not suggested to use 9H directly in concrete or other materials without evaluation. The optimal performance of 9H in applications should be obtained through trial mixes and/or through formulation adjustments by the users. For precast products processed in elevated temperate such as steam curing, use Simon 600. For technical support,please contact FuClear technologies Inc.
Special notes  
Do not use 9H with additives containing naphthalene sulfonate. Unreliable rheologic behaviours may be experienced.Do not use 9H for temperature treated concrete or other materials. Use Simon 600.
Available in 200 kg (180 L/ 48 gal) drum,1000 kg (893L/ 236gal) IBC tank and 23mt flexitank.
9H should be stored at temperature 5- 40°C(40-104 F). When It freezes, full strength can be restored AFTER COMPLETE THAWING
AND THOROUGH AGITATION. Keep container closed when it is not in use. Do not store the product directly under sunlight.
Shelf life  
The shelf life is twelve (12) months when it is packed with a new drum or tote tank.
9H shows negligible toxic, hazardous, and corrosive. Comprehensive instructions are given in the Material Safety Data Sheet available from Fuclear sales offices.
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