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Fuclear Technologies Inc.
FuClear is a Canadian Technology-based company. It established its manufacture plant in Suzhou, China. FuClearí»s building material lines are developed and produced by FuClear Building Material Co., Ltd., a sub-company of Fuclear Technologies Inc., manufacturing and supplying FOXTM-8H products for the market in China as well as worldwide. FuClear is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company.

Poly-carboxylate (PC) based water reducer is a new generation superplasticizer, mainly used in cement concrete. In chemistry, PC is an organic and polymeric electrolyte. It belongs to a polymer surfactant. It can also be applied in other paste materials such as gypsum products and ceramic products to reduce water content.

PC is a weak electrolyte. It can only be fully dissolved in an alkaline solution. It can complex with cations in cement/water system to control the cement hydration process and thus to reduce the slump loss of concrete. PC achieves its water reducing effect through the yield of electrostatic repulsion and steric hindrance when it is absorbed to the cement particles. It is a much more superior dispersant over naphthalene based or melamine based types as water reducer for cement, gypsum and ceramic materials.

FOXTM-8H, poly-carboxylate superplasticizer, has a very high water reducing capacity. It is a most effective type of water reducer, plasticizer and disperser for use to promote high strength, excellent flowability, pumpability and workability, and efficient dispersion for cement, gypsum and ceramic materials and products.

FOXTM product line has following grades to meet the needs for difference uses and customers.

FOXTM-8H Polycarboxylate polymer, used as a major ingredient for Superplasticizer formulations.
FOXTM-8H HES Polycarboxylate superplasticizer concentrate, formulated for High early strength
FOXTM-8H P In powder form

Detailed information for each grade is provided in separate Technical Data Sheets.


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