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FLGA-818 capacity increasing cement grinding aid is a variety of non-ionic surface active agent with a special processing technology of composite materials made of a liquid with a grinding aid to enhance a variety of functions. Its non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-volatile, no adverse effects on cement. Products meet the "cement grinding aids" JC/T667-2004 standard, can be widely used in various types of cement enterprises cement grinding process.
Key Features  
1. This product is in the appropriate dosage, it can be effective in improving and stable grinding process, to improve grinding efficiency, increasing mill output, usually when you can mill sets production increased by 10% or more;
2. To improve the grindability of materials to reduce particles of the "stick coalescence
group" role in removing the fine particles paste paste lining the ball, and raise cement mobility, improve the speed of loading and unloading of cement, reduce transportation costs of the outstanding library;
3. Optimization of cement particle size distribution, improving the age strength of cement;
4. To improve the workability of cement and concrete.
Scope of use and dosage  
This product applies to comply with common standards for all varieties of portland cement, strength grade concrete. Dosage:0.8~1Mixing volume: 0.8 ~ 1
Application Method  
1.Calibration according to the size of the mill output configuration of liquid metering pumps, and select the feeding point calibration after the grinding aid flows, using a stopwatch and graduated cylinder calibration of liquid metering pump output flow within 1 minute to adjust to the theoretical output flow of 1ml .2. Wash mill would be activated by slightly higher than grinding aid dosage required to join within 1-2 hours of grinding, as the activation process of washing mill.
3. Activation stage of production to adjust to mention after the end of the reference to the middle class into the mill product fineness, specific surface area in the normal control, through listening to the sound of change in grinding mill to gradually increase production to increase production at the same time, grinding aids are also increased accordingly. Under normal circumstances grinding machine tail current decrease or enhance the finished product fineness of cement thinner, grinding sound crisp, you can not change the amount of grinding aid incorporation of direct reference production, each time the production rate is generally not more than 5% of the original units produced, sub - 2 ~ 4 times to mention production, with a total range of 10 ~ 20%, and the more to the final production rate of the less mentioned.
1, using grinding aids, should check and adjust the relevant auxiliary equipment;
2, using the process, attention to grinding media grading and load changes;
3, should always check the amount of grinding aid by adding accuracy;
Packing and storage  
200kg drum or according to customer request. This product should be stored at 5-35 indoors, avoid direct sunlight and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture in the air, causing evaporation. The storage period is usually six months.
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