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FLGA-911-enhanced synthesis of grinding aid is a "multi-hydroxy - amino polyetheradditive" as the mother liquor, and then in the mother liquor on the basis of a number of amine compound of small polar molecules, small polar alcohols molecule made of liquid products, with grinding, enhance a variety of functions, enhance the evident result. Its non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-volatile, no adverse effects on cement. Products comply with industry standards of cement grinding aids, can be widely used in various types of cement enterprises cement grinding process
After joining the product of cement in the shrinkage rate, the standard consistency water consumption, stability, alkali content, chloride ion content indicators such as grinding aids can meet industry standards and general requirements of Portland cement standards
Scope of use and dosage  
1, using range: This product applies to comply with common standards for all varieties of portland cement, strength grade concrete. 2, mixing volume: 1 ~ 1.3
Application Method  
1. Small grinding experiment :to test this product and the applicability of the raw materials of cement production enterprises should do first a small grinding test sample to do the following three groups:
1) with the ratio of production to do a comparison sample, record the specific surface area of cement to 350m2 / kg of the time;
2) with the production of quality cement ratio by adding 1 ~ 1.3 of the grinding aids, grinding in the same time, measuring the surface area and intensity;
3) the production ratio in the clinker by 5-7%, mixed material added, grinding in the same time, measuring the surface area and strength and then compare the strength and fineness of the election satisfactory grinding aids and the production ratio, followed by bigger and grinding test.
2. large grinding test :as a laboratory grinding mill and the cement industry grinding body size distribution and logistics conditions are different between the two results of the assessment may also vary. The small grinding tests had confirmed the technical and economic benefits can be increased, it may produce bigger and grinding test. Daruma test time is generally a frequency of (8 ~ 12 hours), boot cast material 1 ~ 2 hours for a blank sample by adding grinding aids 1 ~ 2h after the grinding time for the wash, wash mill after the end of every half hour or an hours of sampling time, each taking concrete samples have to be careful and meticulous analysis. Finally, the mixing of the sample strength test done until 3 days, 28 days strength came out, it would show the business benefits for cement grinding aids. Trial production of the product test data to assess the grinding aids of the most reliable data.
Packing and storage  
200kg drum or according to customer request. This product should be stored at 5-35 indoors, avoid direct sunlight and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture in the air, causing evaporation. The storage period is usually six months.
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