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FuClear Technology of Equipments for Dry-Mix Production Line

FuclearR&DCenter is specialized in formulations and chemical additives for dry mix application. Fuclear provides technical advice and support to customers. Fuclear is looking forward to have a long-term cooperation with customers, from the factory design to production formula, raw material procurement, enabling customers to receive a one-stop long-term service.

1. Engineers of Fuclear R & D center discuss the drymix formulations with customers;

2. After determining the products to be formulated, FuclearĄ¯s engineers will make a design of drymix production line with particular requirements from customers;

3. According to the requirements of customers, determine the production line design and investment budget;

4. Fuclear provide customers with complete sets of drymix production line and related equipments, and is responsible for commissioning success;

5. Fuclear will complete the trial production with customers together, and help customers to adjust the drymix formula, until qualified products to be successfully produced;

6. Fuclear provide the core polymer chemical additive to customers as a long term cooperation;

7. FuclearĄ¯s R&D engineers will help their customers to improve the performance of the products, and to develop new product.

The general different between Fuclear and other Drymix Equipment Manufacture provides customers a new concept as:

  • Most of Drymix Equipment Manufacturers is based on sales of equipment for their ultimate goal of business. The quality assurance for the equipments is generally one year.
  • However, providing a set of drymix production line is just the beginning of the cooperation between Fuclear and customers. In order to ensure the future success for the customer development to use FuclearĄ¯s chemical additives, Fuclear has to provide customers with high-quality production equipment, and keep FuclearĄ¯s customers upgrade their technologies.
  • As a drymix Equipment Manufacture, Fuclear is the only one having the capability of polymer synthesis basis.
  • Fuclear R & D center is completely open to its customers, will be a strong supporter for the customer's new product development and technical backup.

Investment in equipment is a one-time and limited. The application of raw materials is the long-term cooperation. In order to achieve the goal of this long-term cooperation, Fuclear must provide customers with high-quality equipment as a first step of the further success.

FuclearĄ¯s Technology Development Process of Drymix Production Equipments

In 2003, Fuclear started to produce and sale powder polycarboxylate water reducer to drymix manufactures. It is the first local producer for powder polycarboxylate water reducer in China.

In 2005, Fuclear successfully developed its inventive new product, Talon 801 Dispersible Emulsion Powders, and followed quickly by successfully developed high-water-reducer emulsion powder, high-performance mortar thickening powder and wood adhesives. Fuclear has developed an independent R&D capability of synthetic polymer and additives for drymix applications.

In 2006, FuclearĄ¯s engineers, against the characteristics of sand, cement and admixture in China, started to do a research and development on the dry mortar formulations for different applications, including self-leveling mortar, high strength grout, thermal insulation mortar, plaster and skim coat, tile adhesive mortar, etc.

In 2007, Fuclear invested in R&D on drymix production facilities, and has successfully launched products including weightlessness twin-shaft paddle mixer, screw conveyor, automatic batching machine, quantitatively valve packing machine.

By the end of 2008, Fuclear successfully introduced its Brand equipments of drymix production line. Fuclear becomes an integrated manufacture and supplier of drymix production line, drymix formulation and the core polymer materials.


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