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Drymix production line

Drymix is a kind of ready-mixed mortar. Drymix can be classified by normal mortars and special mortars. The former includes general masonry mortar, ordinary Plastering mortar and thermal insulation masonry mortar, and the letter includes self-leveling mortar, adhesive mortar, waterproof mortar, thermal insulation mortar and decorative mortar. The packaging types can be bulk drymix and bagged drymix. The application of ready-mixed mortar to replace on-site mixing mortar is recently regulated in China construction industry.

Drymix production line has different types in terms of their structure styles, mainly including steel frame with high-rise tower, layered steel frame with parallel transferable structure, pressure transmission type, block building type, and simplified type. Manufactures can select a particular design according to their own requirements based on the products, land conditions and economy budget.

Steel frame with high-rise tower is principally applied for production of masonry drymix mortar. Its advantages are obvious by applying pneumatic convey to transfer raw materials directly to upside large silos. The equipments are placed from top to bottom, hopper - auto ingredients - mixing - product storage C packing. The production is run automatically, controlled by instrumentation or computer, for batching accuracy. Many large-scale drymix manufactures generally use of such production lines.

Layered steel frame with parallel transferable structure reduces the height of the silos. Many manufactures use this type production line, taking into account for investment costs and production efficiency. The most common application of production capacity is 5-20 t/hr. Its batching machine is placed in the bottom of the workshop. When ingredients are measured, the raw materials are transferred by an auger from the silos to the batching machine. Upon completion of measurement, materials are conveyed to the mixer. The finishing product is then transferred to a silo before packing. This structure requires lower investment and with non operation staff necessarily on the platform.

Pressure transmission type production line is a combination structure of high-rise steel frame and layered steel frame as previously described before. It has a pressurized irrigation delivery with weighing device placed below the silo. A variety of raw materials are transported to the transition silo by compressed air after weighed. A mixer, finishing product silo and packaging machines are just located under the transition silo. Materials are transferred by compressed air piping instead of using auger or bucket elevator, in order to meet some circumstances such as high limits of plant structure, savings of the investment, and facilitate for operation.



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