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Automatic Drymix Production Line with Capacity of 7~10 mt/hr

System consists of hoist, powder three way valve, artificial feeding auger and silo, screw conveyor, batching scales, additive silos, transition silo, mixers, finishing products silo, valve packaging scales, dust collector, compressed air system, electric control system, etc.

Large-scale automatic metering system is available for sand, cement and other major materials. They are elevated into the transition silo waiting for mixing. Cellulose, emulsion powder, superplasticizer and other small portion materials can be put through artificial additives hopper. The system is extremely mature, and is characterized by its good stability, low noise, low dust, compacted structure and reasonably low energy consumption. It can be automatically or manually switch. It requires a small steel supplies and staffing. It has technically advanced a big step forward compared to the simple type. It contains a valve packaging machine for automatic product measuring packing, and then the packed products are transported to the finished pallet stacking area by belt conveyor. It can be characterized by moderate investment, short construction period, the quick return of investment and so on. The equipment Height is about 9 meters. The indoor area requires about 50 m3. Sand, cement and fly ash can be placed in outdoor storage or silos. The whole system basically runs in the closed system. It is fully according with the "ESH" green process concept - environmental, health and safety. This production plant requires about 3~5 operators.



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