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Automatic Drymix Production Line with Capacity of 30~50 mt/hr

This drymix production line is designed based on technical requirements of normal drymix. The capacity of production is about 30-50 mts/hr based on 300 days a year single shift, and thus its annual output is about 7-12 million tons.

The system is characterized by its good stability, low noise, low dust, compacted structure and reasonably low energy consumption. It can be automatically or manually switch. It requires a small steel supplies and staffing. Taking into account the durability of the equipment, removable (or replaceable) manganese steel blades are used in the twin-shaft paddle mixer. Wear-resistant helical blade is used in sand auger. The equipment height is about 20-25 meters. The covering area for the equipment is about 350-450 m2. the production is basically running in a closed-system condition, taking into account of "ESH" concept - environmental protection, safety and health. The required operators for production plant is about 8-10 people.


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