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Programmable Automatic Weighing Scale System

The system is controlled by a PLC and touch screen. It contains a special structure of discharge advice by a bucket auger, to carrying out powder and bulk granular materials such as sand, calcium carbonate, cement, etc., by a number of silo feeding.

Integration features:

1. An anti-vibration structure is used in the scale, applicable to a more hostile environment such as the frame structure with obvious vibration.

2. The scale has the functions of data querying, printing and storing up. A thousand of product formulas can be stored and modified on the screen at any time.

3. According to the production requirements, more formulas can be set up in the machine. Ingredients can be printed. All operating parameters can be showed on the screen or printed out.

4. Data can be automatically saved to prevent the duplication of ingredients upon interruption of power supply.

5. Real-time display functions for weighing data is available.

6. Many functions such automatic switch and automatic re-zero are included. It can be remotely controlled on touch screen or by network with the upper computer.

7. It contains userí»s permission control system, the software only permit the right person to operate or modify the machine.

8. A static accuracy is 0.2% F.S.; the dynamic accuracy is 1% F.S.



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