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Weightlessness Mixer

perational principle:

The weightlessness mixer is equipped with a two-axis rotating vivo reverse blade in a horizontal cylinder. The blades are angled, rotate the materials, and stir them along the axial and radial direction. It makes material welling up in a weightless state instantly to get uniform products. Flying blades can be used with special needs as an auxiliary method to enhance the uniformity of the bland products. Liquid additives are also can be added into the mixer during stirring.

Performance characteristics:

1, Rotation speed and the blade structure can make the materials reduce their gravity. With the reduction of gravity, the differences of particle size and gravity become ignored influence during the mixing process. Intensive stirring movement reduces mixing time, and makes the mixing faster and more efficient.

2, It is closed a operation process. It is reliable and easy for maintenance.

3, There is a large self-locking door devices. Discharge speed is significantly increased..

4, A wear-resistant manganese steel removable blade is used. The service life of mixer is greatly extended.


It is mainly used to produce drymix for cracking resistance mortar, insulation mortar, adhesive mortar, plaster and skim coat mortar, self-leveling mortar and concrete admixtures as they require a high quality mixing processes.



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