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Dust Collector

The dust collector mainly consists of the filter room, bag filter, gas chamber, dust collection hopper, pulse injection cleaning equipment, electric cabinet, etc. The steel structure is assembled by welding. Access opening is sealed with silicon rubber.

The operational principals are as follows:

The gas with dust flows into the filter room through an opening. The coarse dust particles directly go into the Big Dipper or dust chamber. The dust-laden gas goes through the bag filter. The dust remains on the bag inside surface. The pure gas goes into depurative gas chamber through the bag and then is discharged into the atmosphere by draught fan. When the dust accumulates on the surface of the bag, resulting in increased resistance to the device settings, the electrical appliances will outputs signal, and program-controlled instrument starts to work. The pulse valve opens one by one, so that compressed air blow off the dust through the vents on the filter bags for injection cleaning. The sudden bag expansion by blowers, in the effect of reverse flow, the dust attached to the bag is quickly blow off into the dust collection chamber. While bag-by-row injection cleaning operates, other row of bag filters is still operating normally kept fans. Pulse jet speed controller can be adjusted to achieve dust collection effectively and control the air pressure during operation.



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