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Electric Control Cabinet

The electric cabinet is made from standard steel. The shape size is about 1650 950 1285mm. The inlet wire cable is from the cabinet bottom. The inlet power is three-phase five-wire cable (380V, 50Hz). All electrical equipment in the cabinet is placed in the marked position under the circuit in detail. In addition, to facilitate the adjustment of screw feeding speed of the motor, a variable-frequency governor is installed. Wires are made with flame-retardant materials. Marks are made in the ends of spare cable in accordance with their function.

In order to ensure the reliability of motor drive, fuse, circuit breaker contactors, thermal electrical appliances and so on are set up, according to the design in accordance with AC3 rating standard.

IPC and PLC touch-screen are applied for automatic control of the entire system. The process control can be operated with a mode of automatic or manual control. Dynamic graphic display is available for on time track. Fault alarm provides a safe environment during production. A specially designed software makes it possible for the user to control material management, historical data logging and tracking capabilities. IPC Controls data acquisition, increases data processing speed, and provides data statistics calculation. It is also easy to complete plant network control system by Internet.

The IPC system requires a good on-site clean environmental, particularly a good power supply, dust control and stable temperature conditions within a standard range. Operators should have sufficient training and qualified education. PLC touch screen control system makes it possible to efficiently control material ingredients. Fuclears IPC/PLC software system gives customer an affinity interface between operator and machine. It characterizes by simplified design parameters, easy operation, high reliability, real-time recording and data print during the process of production. It can also be networked with the host computer and make it possible for you to monitor and control the your production everywhere in the world.



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