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FEEL 105
Diethylene Triamine Pentamethylene Phosphonic Acid(DETPMP)
DETPMP is non-toxic and soluble in acidic solution. It shows good the scale and corrosion inhibition and good heat resistance. It can effectively inhibit the carbonate and sulfate scale formation in alkaline solution (PH value 10-15).
Specification (HG / T 3777-2005)  
Scope of application and use of methods  
DETPMP is used in water treatment for cooling water and boiler water as a scale and corrosion inhibitor, especially for circulating cooling water as a non-alkaline transfer of the PH scale and corrosion inhibitor. It can be used in treating cooling water containing barium carbonate.
DETPMP is also used as hydrogen peroxide stabilizer, chelating agent for textile printing and dyeing, pigment dispersants oxygen delignification stabilizers, fertilizers, trace elements carrying agent, concrete additives, oxidizing bactericide stabilizer. In addition, in papermaking, electroplating, metal pickling and cosmetics, etc.
Package & Storage  
Liquid EDTMPA is packed in plastic drum, net weight 30kg or 250kg;
Solid EDTMPA is packed with plastic woven bag lined with polyethylene or paper bag packaging, bag net weight 25kg;
It can also be customized according to user request packing
The product should be stored in the condition of cool indoor ventilation, moisture-proof, anti-exposure. The storage period is of 10 months.
EDTMPA is acidic and corrosive chemical. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. if splashed on the body, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
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