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This product is suitable with cement, anhydrite, gypsum and hydrated lime and othe inorganic materials, mixed use, improve adhesive strength, flexural strength, plasticity and wear resistance, especially suitable for exterior insulation and finish system, adhesive mortar, tile and construction adhesive -caking agent, self-leveling mortar and flooring materials, repair mortar and so on.

Special Features  
1, Adhesive Properties: significant increase of inorganic materials with a variety of adhesive bond strength of two different materials,
2 anti-saponification of: applicable to cement alkali environment, does not affect the adhesion properties
3, water resistance: with hydrophobic properties to prevent water infiltration, improve water effect
4, reducing the water: to reduce water consumption, improve workability, increase strength
1, three in one paper-plastic composite side at the end of the valve pocket, bag of 25 kg; 2, according to customer requirements, can provide big bag packing or special packing. .
30 ℃ below and stored in moisture-proof environment
Shelf life  
The original packaging shelf-life of 180 days, if more than shelf-life products can continue to use non-caking.
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